tirsdag den 3. marts 2015

Nordic Cloud Management Summit 2015

Shamelessly exploiting my own personal blog to promote an event at work. Want to know more about Azure? This is the event for you. Sign up before your neighbor. There will be free snacks!

Leave a comment below if you do. That will get my boss off my back ;)

For ease of reference:
  • Sweden/Stockholm: March 24th
    • Microsoft, Finlandsgatan 30, 164 74 Kista
  • Finland/Helsinki: March 25th
    • Microsoft, Keilaranta 7, 02150 Espoo
  • Denmark/Copenhagen: March 26th
    • Microsoft, Tuborg Boulevard 12, 2900 Hellerup
  • Norway/Oslo: April 9th
    • Microsoft, Lysaker Torg 45, 1366 Lysaker

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