torsdag den 18. april 2013

Error handling runbooks in SC Orchestrator - Part 1

I have not been able to find a whole lot of easy accesible information (ie. blogposts) on how to do error handling for runbooks in SC Orchestrator. After having conversed with Jakob from Coretech ( and attending one of their seminars I got alot wiser on an approach to this (which I found very sensible). I hope this post can help others get started on this necessary aspect of developing runbooks.

A simple approach can be found in the following, and a good place to get started. What we want to do is simply get the Service Request with a specific ID. If none is found we wish to log the event.

Get SR will return sucess even if no objects was found with the given GUID. The link criteria  logic is a double negative, for which I apologize. These are normally not easy to comprehend.
If no objects are found we log an event.

Let's try and run it. In my experience the Runbook Tester will not log events, and just clicking run will not work for some reason (if someone knows please tell me in the comments). Instead create yet another runbook as below.

An event in your log should appear after running this runbook, and look something like this:

That was easy! But what if the Get SR activity failed? And as you may have noticed, the runbook completed with success although we defined no Service Request found as a failure. In part 2 (posted soon) I will address these issues.

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