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Automating Custom Code Deployment in Service Manager

Sounds too good to be true? Well it is. Almost. The script I will be sharing today will get you a long way though. A high level rundown of what it will do

  •  stop console
  •  seal MP
  •  bundle MP
  •  remove old MP
  •  import new MP bundle
  •  start console
That almost gets you all the way. You will have to do the clicking yourself. You can then debug the hell out of your code following this.

Script as follows, and download it here.

# Authored by Anders Spælling, [email protected]

# this script automates some of the tasks needed to test custom code in the Service Manager console
# a high level rundown:
# stop console
# seal MP
# bundle MP
# remove old MP
# import new MP bundle
# start console

# This script requires 
# module ScsmPx installed. Just run this if you haven't got it already:  & ([scriptblock]::Create((iwr -uri -ModuleName ScsmPx,SnippetPx
# need to have fastseal.exe in working dir, download from here:
# guide on fastseal.exe

$DebugPreference = "Continue"
# this needs to point at where the compiled dll will end up        
$FullPathDLL = "C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Visual Studio 2013\Projects\CB.SCSM.CustomWISearch\CB.SCSM.CustomWISearch\bin\Debug\CB.SCSM.CustomWISearch.dll"

# you will need an snk file. create your own. Follow this guide if you don't know how:

# files distributed with this script also needs to go to working dir

# this is the working dir
cd c:\temp

# point at your SCSM management server
$ManagementServer = "SM01"
# change to match your own snk file
$KeyFile = "CB.snk"
# MP name without extension
$MPName = "CB.ConsoleTask.CustomWISearch"
$Company = "Codebeaver"

# not much need to edit below

Import-Module ScsmPx -ErrorAction Stop

# stop console
Write-Debug "Stopping console..."
Stop-Process -Name Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ServiceManager.UI.Console -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

# seal MP
Write-Debug "Sealing MP..."
$ArgumentList = ".\$MPNameh.xml /keyfile $KeyFile /company $Company"; #Write-Host "fastseal.exe $ArgumentList"
Start-Process -FilePath ".\fastseal.exe" -ArgumentList $ArgumentList -Wait -NoNewWindow

# copy dll to c:\temp
Copy-Item $FullPathDLL -Destination c:\temp

# bundle MP and dll
Write-Debug "Bundling MP..."
$DLL = $FullPathDLL.Split("\")[-1]
New-SCSMManagementPackBundle -Name "$($MPName).mpb" -ManagementPack ".\$($MPName).mp" -Resource ".\$($DLL)" -ComputerName $ManagementServer -Force -ErrorAction Stop

# remove previous MP (cannot overwrite sealed MP with same  MP version)
# If you delete a sealed MP, all of the data that it defined such as new classes (and all instances of these classes) or class extensions (and all extension data) will be lost.
$MP = Get-SCSMManagementPack -Name CB.ConsoleTask.CustomWISearch # name is the ID of the MP (as defined in xml)
    Write-Debug "Removing old MP..."
    Remove-SCSMManagementPack -ManagementPack $MP

# import MP bundle in new process - current process will block the file otherwise
Write-Debug "Importing new MP bundle..."
$MPName | powershell.exe {
    Import-SCSMManagementPack ".\$($input[0]).mpb"

# start console
Write-Debug "Starting console..."
& "C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2012 R2\Service Manager\Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ServiceManager.UI.Console.exe"

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