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Comparing enumeration values in a Service Manager Console Task

While working on part 2 of my adventure into Service Manager customization I came across a seemingly simple problem; comparing two enumeration values. I wanted to change the value bound to a custom configuration item if it had a specific value, and it seemed a bit lackluster to compare the DisplayNames of the two. I would rather compare GUIDs or something similarly unique.
After spending ages on figuring out how to get the GUID out of the bound enumeration value I found that the toString method actually provided me with what I needed.

First a bit of setup. I need the MP that defines the custom class I made

ManagementPack mpLendableItemLibrary = ManagementGroup.ManagementPacks.GetManagementPack(new Guid("370a302c-9b0c-6c1a-033d-9b97f8406db5")); 

I also need the instance as an EnterpriseManagementObject. In the ExecuteCommand a list of nodes is provided (containing as many nodes as selected in a view, or just one in a form). Thus I can get it by

managementObject = node["$EMOInstance$"] as EnterpriseManagementObject

Or (Suggested by Rob Ford)

if (node is EnterpriseManagementObjectNode)
    managementObject = (node as EnterpriseManagementObjectNode).SDKObject;
else if (node is EnterpriseManagementObjectProjectionNode)
    EnterpriseManagementObjectProjection emop = (EnterpriseManagementObjectProjection)(node as EnterpriseManagementObjectProjectionNode).SDKObject;
    managementObject = emop.Object;

I actually couldn't use the instance of IDataItem to do the comparison. The enumeration is defined in the same MP as the custom class.

ManagementPackEnumeration mpEnumBorrowed =

I can get the property CB_Status by

EnterpriseManagementSimpleObject currentStatusEMO = managementObject [mpLendableItemLibrary.GetClass("CB.LendableItem"), "CB_Status"];

And finally I can do the comparison (both ToString methods provide me with the name of the enumeration which also must be unique).

    // do something!

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