tirsdag den 6. januar 2015

Automated Lab

I just joined Automated Lab (AL) on Codeplex and wanted to give a shoutout to this great open source project.

I am joining to write the part of Service Manager, and I almost have something working, so hopefully I can share that soon.

They are looking for awesome scripting dudes, or as they wrote it: We are looking for people with PowerShell and optionally C# skills for development and code optimizations.

Join up if you want to contribute. I am in no way awesome at powershell or C# for that matter, but you really do not need to be a PS-wiz to write something up that can deploy a favorite SC product of yours. I got by with a lot of copy-pasta and researching how to do a silent install of Service Manager.
Would be cool to have something deploy a Sharepoint server to build the SM portal on...

If I get the time I may write up something on how to approach this as a newbie, because I did have alot of trial and error before getting a hang of how to get things rolling.

Scripting Guy did a series on how to use Automated Lab which I strongly suggest reading before trying it out yourself (part 4 and 5 not that exciting, so optionally skip those).
Even though AL cannot yet install what you need it can still get a few servers up and running faster than you can say Jack Robinson, and then install what you need manually (or use PowerShell and do it silently, awesome...).

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