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Hello Azure Functions - Integrating with Github

I had a hard time finding out how to integrate a Github Repository into Azure functions, or rather what files and the structure to put in the repository so that Azure Functions would pick them up. A very basic setup follows.

This assumes an understanding of Github and Azure Functions. There are plenty of resources out there explaining that better than I can.


Create a fresh repository and create a file, host.json, in the root:
 "functions" : [
 "id": "ed5d78e575e14f0481c899532d41f5c0"

Now create a folder called HelloAzureFunctions. Inside that create a file, function.json:

    "bindings": [
            "type": "httpTrigger",
            "name": "req",
            "direction": "in",
            "methods": [ "get" ]
            "type": "http",
            "name": "res",
            "direction": "out"

And in this case we will use PowerShell; we need a file called run.ps1:
$requestBody = Get-Content $req -Raw | ConvertFrom-Json
$name = $

if ($req_query_name) 
    $name = $req_query_name 

Out-File -Encoding Ascii -FilePath $res -inputObject "Hello, $name"
That is it! Commit to Github and go to your Azure Function app and integrate with the repository. The HelloAzureFunctions should appear as a function after a short while.

You can fork my repository if you like, There is also a a PowerShell script there that can be used for testing (you can just paste in the webhook URI in a browser if you rather like that).

Also keep your webhooks a secret. In the aforementioned script I show how to get the webhook URI from an Azure Key Vault.

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