torsdag den 29. september 2016

Logging webhooks using Azure Functions and OMS Log Analytics

We recently discussed webhooks internally at work and the question popped on how to maintain and log the activity. Webhooks normally have a limited timespan (could be years though), and they should generally be kept a secret even if they are accompanied by a token that authorizes the caller.

What better way to log the webhook calls than using OMS Log Analytics? Once the data is logged there you have a plethora of options on what to do with it. Go ask my colleague Stanislav.

I also wanted to try out the fairly new Azure Functions, which acts as a relay to Log Analytics Data Collector API. The webhook itself comes from an Azure Automation runbook.

I documented the entire solution on Github, and you can find the repository here - it takes you from A to Z on how to setup the various moving parts in Azure. I hope you can find some inspiration on how to manage your webhooks.

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